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Lyndsay always maintained an upbeat, enthusiastic disposition while carefully working to improve at her job on a daily basis. Lyndsay is a team player who will always put the organization's goals ahead of her own agenda. She is an individual who demonstrates high character in all aspects of her professional life.

Matt Smith, Executive Producer at New England Patriots

Running into Lyndsay is the highlight of any day. She never hides her energy, enthusiasm, and passion for her job, and it's obvious that she appreciates everyone she works with. Naturally, that makes her a positive influence on others.

Mike Rodak, Buffalo Bills Reporter & Analyst at ESPN

Working with Lyndsay was a great experience. She never let anything faze her, especially when things didn't go as planned. Her patience and pleasant demeanor were always appreciated. It was nice to work with her, but even better to know her as the genuinely nice and caring person she is.

Chuck Costa, Broadcast Engineer at New England Patriots

Lyndsay is the definition of a dreamer. I've had the pleasure to work with Lyndsay in her career and she is the type of person that sets the highest goals for herself and accomplishes them. She is successful at overcoming any obstacle put in front of her and I have no doubt in her continued career success.

Ryan Kahn, Founder at The Hired Group

Lyndsay has always remained pleasant through our countless interactions over the years. Clients commented often on her outstanding work ethic and level of professionalism. From my vantage point, her biggest strengths lie in her ability to remain confident and composed under pressure. This, coupled with a positive attitude, are invaluable assets to lend to her chosen profession.

Vicki Vernet-Lazor, Print Director at Docherty Agency

Lyndsay is a very energetic, outgoing person who loves what she does and that shows on the air. She was always reliable and she always produced more than was expected. Great person.

Bob Pompeani, Sports Director & Anchor at KDKA-TV Pittsburgh

Lyndsay was not only a joy to be around, but also a wonderful mentor, teacher and co-worker. I learned so much from working with Lyndsay and admire her work ethic, enthusiastic attitude, and outlook on life. She works hard and accomplishes each task thrown at her, exceeding expectations.

Rachel Amiralian, Producer at New England Patriots

Lyndsay possesses many qualities that will make her a rising star. She has an outgoing and engaging personality, which make her a natural born leader. She is very versatile, as she is skilled in marketing, journalism and broadcast. No matter what role she contributed to, she always delivered exceptional results. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Lyndsay.

Scott Bergner, Marketing Director at Dream Careers

Lyndsay is a PR and social media rockstar. She has an in-depth understanding of all relevant social media platforms and PR outlets. As our lead in content strategy, she was able to gather strategic business and user insights that supported the company's long-term vision. Lyndsay was a pleasure to work with. Her smile and positive personality light up a room.

Patrick Haddad, Founder & CEO at Oopgo

Lyndsay is tremendously organized and detail-oriented, as well as knowledgeable and analytical in all things sports. She also possesses a creative wit and easygoing charm that make working with her a true joy.

Erik Scalavino, Staff Writer at New England Patriots

Lyndsay is an outstanding individual. She is extremely professional and has a high level of skills in communications and journalism. I was particularly impressed with Lyndsay's personal sense of ethics and behavior. She was a leader among her student peers and continues to serve in that role in her professional career.

Gary Hanson, Professor & Advisor at Kent State University

Certain people make an impression with you instantly, and that's the case with Lyndsay. Although I only worked with her for a short time, I could tell right away that she was very talented and would be somebody that would make it in the business. If I'm ever in the position to hire someone, Lyndsay is someone that would be at the top of my list.

Mike Vukovcan, Senior Sports Producer at KDKA-TV Pittsburgh

Lyndsay brings so much enthusiasm and positivity to every shoot. She is thorough and prepared for each shoot and brings a great mix of professionalism and creativity to the job.

Tony Flanagan, Director of Photography at Rhapsody Productions

Lyndsay contributed to the success of a networking event in Boston focused on the interplay of social media and sports. Serving as a panelist, Lyndsay delivered great insights about the complexities and logistics of covering athletes in the age of social media. Lyndsay's an articulate, polished professional and I look forward to collaborating with her again.

Peter Stringer, VP of Digital Media at Boston Celtics

Lyndsay has excellent communication skills, a positive outlook, and pleasing personality, which enhance her natural leadership qualities. Lyndsay's willingness to accept challenges and listen to input enable her to contribute with thoughtful and well-reasoned approaches to help others solve difficult problems.

Steven McDaniel, Front End Developer at Oopgo